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Get your orders in and out quickly

Lastmal helps businesses to complete shipping and delivery activities simply and efficiently anywhere within West Africa.

With our reliable fulfillment solution, we help improve retail supply chain activities by removing fragmented and hidden processes at a lower cost.

Lastmal Solutions


From store restocking to warehousing to direct-to-customer order shipping and delivery, we offer our end-to-end fulfillment solution and logistics network to e-commerce merchants, mobile commerce vendors, online and offline marketplaces through one integration.


Cover all your inventory end-to-end under one policy. With pay-per-use or annual plans that includes options like retail value coverage, you can choose which order shipments to protect. → Launching soon!


You can access inventory financing on your terms to help in the payment of goods and the acceleration of your supply chain. Lastmal Capital lends against inventory in transit and provides supply chain cost coverage. → Launching soon!

Make Lastmal your competitive advantage

Set up

Sync inventory from your sales channels into one place to easily manage and say goodbye to inconsistencies, poor visibility, and late deliveries.


Get the efficient delivery operations you want from one platform by connecting to our nationwide end-to-end solution.


Ensure real-time updates from a single interface for a unique recipient experience and have visibility every step of the way.

Fragmented order activities are costly!

Messy shipping or delivery can sink your business

Delays damage your brand image

Damages cause significant financial loss

Manual activities take time and create inefficiencies

We make it efficient. You earn more!

Sync orders from all sales channels to a single platform

Customized solutions and options that fit size and need

Schedule & automate recurring orders from customers

Ensure unique recipient experience for customer satisfaction

From your online store to the door of your customer

We use our network of fulfillment and logistics centers to help you get
your orders in or out quickly, reducing shipping costs and transit times.

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Fulfilment Expertise

Our well-rated end-to-end fulfilment services and adequately vetted multimodal logistics network deliver on commitments to your final-mile activities.

Our platform serves as back office for logistics activities, leveraging a single trusted partner for all shipping and deliveries. Because of our order aggregation and scheduling methods, you can scale efficiently as a result of higher resource utilization.

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Sales Channels

Additional sales channel integration for small and medium-sized businesses provides a simple way to ensure sales growth and customer satisfaction.

We help merchants to manage, update, and customize their orders from anywhere, as well as track real-time SKU levels and receive notifications when inventory has to be re-stocked to improve delivery speeds and reduce shipping costs.

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