Improve the efficiency of your order activities with our solution


From store restocking to storage to direct-to-customer orders, we offer our solution and logistics network to businesses, merchants, vendors, and marketplaces via a single integration to meet customer expectations for unique experiences.

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Cover all your inventory end-to-end under one policy. With our pay-per-use or annual plans that include options like retail value coverage, you can choose which order package to protect.

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Tools & Insights

Get access to simple tools, support, and resources you need to manage your order transactions efficiently. Also, order performance data to help you better understand your product, sales patterns, and customer footprint.

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Simple order fulfillment tools to win

Set up

Receive orders from all your sales channels in one place to easily manage and ship with ease, speed, and flexibility.


Optimize logistics activities for cost, mode, and needs, so you don't have to worry about orders from anywhere.


Get real-time activity metrics & insights for your business as well as updates for customers from a single interface.

Fragmented order activities are costly!

Messy ways of taking customer orders can sink your business

Leaving orders on the table results in significant financial loss

Using individual logistics pieces & short-term solutions is risky

Manual activities take time and create inefficiencies

We make it efficient. You earn more!

Take orders from anywhere, anyhow (SMS, Form links, DMs)

Into a single place with options that fit your size and needs

Hands-off fulfillment so you can focus on everything else

Ensure a hassle-free unique experience for each customer

We cure your order fulfillment headaches

Fulfillment Expertise Promise

For Africa's small businesses and direct to consumer brands, traditional logistics services are disconnected and inefficient. We recognise the importance of an interconnected solution from shop to door, which is why our fulfillment services and logistics network deliver on commitments to all final-mile activities.
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Get Orders in Quickly. Grow Faster

Regardless of where your customers buy your products from whether social media platforms, website, marketplaces, phone calls, text messages, or your brick-and-mortar stores, our solution enables you to manage orders from everywhere and deliver to anywhere with real-time inventory notification.
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From your store to the door of your customer

We use our network of fulfillment and logistics solutions to help you get
your orders in or out quickly