We simplify the chaos to enhance the consumer buying experience.


From store restocking to storage to direct-to-customer orders, we offer our solution and logistics network to businesses, merchants, vendors, and marketplaces via a single integration to meet customer expectations for unique experiences.

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Cover all your inventory end-to-end under one policy. With our pay-per-use or annual plans that include options like retail value coverage, you can choose which order package to protect.

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Tools & Insights

Get access to simple tools, support, and resources you need to manage your order transactions efficiently. Also use order performance data to help you better understand your product, sales patterns, and customer footprint.

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A simplified digital fulfillment solution helping small businesses and big companies alike in Africa

Why your business needs Lastmal?

Orders spread across different channels create inefficiencies

Orders falling through the cracks are significant financial loss

Redundant & manual tasks distract you from your core areas

Relying on logistics pieces & short-term solutions can be risky

We make it delightfully efficient!

Receive orders from anywhere, anyhow (all sales channels)

We streamline and automate order processing in one place

Hands-off fulfillment so you can focus on everything else

Ensuring a hassle-free unique experience for each customer

Avoid stitching together multiple solutions

Sell, receive payments, and get logistics processes to work seamlessly.

Lastmal provides adaptable fulfillment solutions to serve your
rapidly changing customer needs.